Our Grant System

Dare2express want to help you, by getting you back on track, through our grants. Whether you need specialist care, or help getting back on your feet, we are here to help. 
To access our grants, all you need to do is send an email to grants@dare2express.org and we’ll send you an application form. The trustees will then review your case and revert back with our decision.
With a maximum of £450/person, our grants can help you with up to 10 sessions (on average), of CBT, EMDR, CAT, Hypnotherapy and many other types, to aid your recovery. 
As a charity, we have a policy not to recommend professional services, mainly as this a deeply personal journey, where you must trust the people you will be seeing, which is why we remain impartial. If you find a provider and they are not known to us, we must undergo diligence to ensure they are credible to help you. 
We never pass money to you directly, we will only ever pay directly to the professional services which will help you. 
Alongside our Facebook page, we have created a private, safe, non-judgemental community forum where we invite people to join. Its completely private and you can either join in with discussions, or just sit back and read. To join the forum, click this link, answer the questions  - The dare2express Family Forum

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