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Louise Salter

Nathan Giles

Louise is a lead practitioner and works in an infant school in Hampshire.  As a lead practitioner she not only teaches her own class, but leads other teachers to develop themselves.  She wants to help empower people to make real changes in their lives. Louise strives to provide a positive climate for learning.  


Mental Health and Well Being is an important and necessary part of all pupils’ education and it is paramount that teachers understand the needs of their pupils and have the knowledge and skills necessary to make safe and informed decisions. 

With a new demanding focus on high standards and personal achievement in education Louise worries that more and more young people will suffer with anxiety, stress and depression.  Children need to be taught to develop positive coping strategies, recognising and understanding feelings. 

Nathan is a serving officer and pilot in the Royal Air Force who met John some years back through their respective children attending the local nursery school in Bishops Waltham.


As a military man, Nathan was very aware of the traumatic injuries Service personnel had received in conflict in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Within the Services it was understood they would suffer long term psychological effects even after their physical injuries had healed. However, there was still a stigma attached to mental illness especially if there were no signs of outward physical damage.

This was bought into sharp focus a few years ago after Nathan had an in depth conversation with a military doctor (over a few beers) who explained how prevalent mental health issues are within in the Services. He explained that depression was an issue that affected both young and older Serviceman and was far more widespread than most people believed.

Mark Newman

Mark is a Chartered Surveyor and Programme Manager within the construction industry.  John and Mark met through their mutual love for cricket and although both classed as veterans their still enjoy a game on a warm summer afternoon.

Mark has seen on numerous occasions that long working hours, travelling, family separation, job insecurity, financial and tight deadlines often lead to the development of stress, anxiety and depression.  Suicide kills more men in the construction industry than falls from height but thanks to the prevalence of a ‘tough guy’ image in the sector, poor mental health can be difficult to spot. 

Mark cares about people and being a trustee of Dare2Express enables him to make positive changes to peoples lives whatever their background or circumstance.

John Dennis - Founder

John is the founder and driving force behind dare2express. 

​Stemming from his own personal mental health problems, John decided it was time to help others. His depression and PTSD stems back from his fathers suicide when he was just 17 years old. 

"Depression is something I have suffered with all of my life, with 90% of it unknown to anyone" he says. There are multiple reasons behind his choice to hide it, mostly due to stigma and the perception surrounding it. ​With that in mind, John remains relentless in his pursuit to raise awareness of depression since 2013. As a result, he has appeared on the BBC in both radio and television, spoken at keynote events, been a speaker at a TEDx event and been published in many newspaper articles globally; all to raise awareness for this hidden killer. 

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