Frequently asked questions

Does Dare2Express undertake the councilling itself

No, dare2express acts only as a facilitator.

How does the grant funding work.

Once application is made and the trustees agree to progress, we will forward payment to the councillor directly on presentation of invoice. There is no need for you to handle any of the payments as the charity does this on your behalf.

Does the Charity hold any events ?

Yes! Dare2Express organise both fund raising and social events throughout the year. We have over the years built a community of friends that enjoy meeting and sharing life experiences. Have a look at the Events page for up and coming events that may inetrest you.

Where do I find a councillor as I don't have any ideas?

There are a number of different places you can find a councillor. Your first point of call should be searching for local therapists (or whatever type of profesisonal assistance you require), chose 4-5, do some reasearch on them, look for reviews and make contact. Once you have done that, send us an email, we'll send you an application form as we go from there.

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