Dare2express as a charity is small, but its reach wide. We offer grants to those who need financial assistance as a direct result of mental ill-health.


​In March 2016, the dare2express charity was formed. Since then we have help numerous people and spoken to over two thousand people in the process.

We all need help sometimes, and dare2express is here to do just that.

Trust, in dark moments of life, is singularly the most important thing to get yourself back to some form or normality. Which is why dare2express has been trusted by dozens of people with our grant system. 

"No one has the right to judge you, because no one really knows what you have been through. They don’t know about the long hard road you had to travel to get you where you are today. Of course, people will always make up their own versions about the details of your life, but they can only speculate. Because no one truly knows what’s in your heart".
~Brigitte Nicole

Watch dare2express founder John Dennis' talk on the global TEDx forum, about his history and the reason why this life saving charity was formed. 

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Registered Charity number: 1166072

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